Cronbach’s Alpha, My Favourite Statistic


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Is it strange that I have a favourite statistic? Is it strange that as part of every hiring interview I ask the person what THEIR favourite statistic is? (Warning to all of you who may suffer through one of my future interviews.)
My favourite statistic is cronbach’s alpha. I like seeing the item-total correlations, popping variables in and out of exploratory testing, and crossing my fingers that my final decision gives me a value greater than 0.8, with both positively and negatively keyed items from the full range of categories and with as few items as possible. Yikes. That sounds impossible. But I’ll always try.

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    4 responses

    1. If you like this, check out This is an online survey site which includes a Cronbach analysis. The quiz studio includes a Cronbach analysis with bi-serial analysis.

    2. Cronbach == the demise of straightliners! ❤

    3. oooooohhhhh r square – another good one!

    4. Hmmm. I think my favourite is r squared. *happy sigh*

      (I followed your twitter like a sheep)

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