Spring at last!

Common snowdrop

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Spring at last, spring at last, thank goodness, it’s spring at last!

I’m in zone 6a and just over the last week, pretty little white snowdrops have started to appear on the neighbours lawns. I see stems of purple and yellow crocuses, the tips of tulips, and green bits from irises. AND, in my very own backyard are purple crocuses.

At the very back of my yard, under the pine trees where it is deathly dry, I see either may apples or jack in the pulpits coming up. I’ll have to update that when they let me know! I planted about 50 various bulbs last year and can’t wait to see them come up either.

Big plans tomorrow, cutting down all the stems from last season, raking all the dead leaves to compost under the pine trees, and laying chicken wire over the squirrels favourite digging spots. Should have some nicely sore clipping hands at the end of the day.

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