Canada Blooms 2009


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Wow. What can I say…
Well, I remember going to the show many years ago, moving from booth to booth of seeds and plants. This year, I think there were only 3 booths that were selling seeds and plants. There were lots of booths selling clothes and scarves and strange things that had nothing to do with gardening. So disappointing.
Also strange was the set of coincidences I experienced. As I was having lunch, a gentleman in front of me collapsed unconscious and had to be cared for by paramedics. Later in the afternoon, a poor lady starting shrieking hysterically for ten minutes – i guess she was having some serious personal issues. 😦 Again, paramedics were required. Later on again, the man right in front of man tripped, fell into a display, and couldn’t get up. You know the drill… paramedics. All I can say is I was very pleased in all three cases that the staff at the convention centre were extremely quick to respond. If you have to have a health issue somewhere, that’s the place to have it.
But on the good side, I always enjoy the miniature flower arrangements – 1 and 2 inch tall vases with teeny tiny flowers. That’s the picture you see on the side. Notice the size of the letters on the printed tag. They are a regular size font! The patience need to create those little beauties is amazing! I also really like the collages of seeds, bark, petals, rocks, and etc. They look like really cool paintings if you stand back from them.
And, I did manage to buy a collection of seeds for red, tubular flowers. Yeah, you know what that means! Hummingbird flowers! Can’t wait!

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