Survey Design Tip #2: Short and Sweet by the Unintelligencer

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So how was yore dai today? Done yall grab an coffee, sit at yor desk, en than nots move until lunch? ore, Do joo spend 20 minuteses duin quick check o’ your email, followed by an 10 minute discussion of new product, followed by an 2 are meetin durrin which tiem ewe checked your email & twittered? Did yoo wach TV last night? Did ytou patiently sit 4 da entire 60 minuteses watchin aw de commercials or did yuo git up at erry commercial for a drink, a snack, a peck onna cheek, an email, or a…. um…. pee break? My guess iz you chose the second opsion ins boff caseses.
So Y do wii ekspect survey responders too b able 2 sit thru a 45 minute survey? Why do wee ekspect thems tew do it 1ce a week, eveyr week? wut could possibly cause them too be interested n a survey for that lawng when you don’t even do it in your regular life?
Awl we’re reely doin wif theeses lawng surveys is givin our precious survey participants reason to reconsider sharin their opinions, reason to let their attension wander, reason to move oan to somethin else. Sure, long survey gievs you lots of detailed data, in depff informasion, and plenty of opportunity to run fancy schmancy multivariate statistics. Butt, wiff response rateses followin such a scary declyn, it is hi time the survey research industry reconsiders what a long survey is. On that note, tell mee what YOU think is too long for a survey.

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