Privacy – Do you really think about it?

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Not too long ago, I noticed that one of my LinkedIn questions appeared on the home page of the CASRO website. (CASRO is the Council of American Survey Research Organizations) The question I had posed, along with my name and current position were prominently displayed. I guess I always knew that if was writing stuff on the internet that anyone could see it. Obviously, if I’m writing a blog, I hope that people will read it, perhaps expect that people will read it. But, I didn’t really expect to see something i wrote within the confines of specific group would be shared by someone else, in such a public location.

I was caught off guard but actually, i was a bit happy about it, happy to see that my question had perked the interest of professionals in my field.

It was a good reminder that anything you put on the internet could come back to delight or haunt you at any time.

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