Lazy Bread

After getting my KitchenAid, I was eager to start making bread again. I quite liked the idea of not having to cover the entire kitchen in flour. And, I always got so bored with kneading that I quit before I really should have. So when the time came for kneading, I plopped the dough in and set that baby running. Unfortunately, I found that the motor still seamed to strain. I knew that batter bread would never have that problem so the scientist in me implemented an appropriate research design. After a few trials, I discovered that you really can turn any bread recipe into a batter bread recipe. Here’s all I do:
Instead of gradually working in all the flour, simply add half of the flour. Then, let your mixer beat that for however long you like – 5, 10 minutes. Make sure that the consistency is gooey thick and that you can see the gluten doing its thing. Once you’re happy with the amount of kneading that’s taken place, just add the rest of the flour. You need to ensure you add all the rest of the flour at once or else you might end up with uneven kneading that’s hard to undo. Also, you might want to use slightly less flour than the recipe says just to make sure you get a really nice light loaf.
After that, just follow the recipe as usual. Ta da! Let me know how your experiment works out!

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