Research Blogs

The web is full of great marketing research blogs. It’s hard to choose, but if you want to stay on top of things, here are just a few of my favourite blogs…

CRO-ing About Research
Curiously Persistent
New Market Research
Peltier Chart Blog
Research Rockstar
Survey Says
The Better Research Blog
The Forrester Blog
The Research Geek
The Survey Geek
Zebra Bites

In addition, here is a list of blogs from my Canadian market research colleagues. Let me know if your blog isn’t here.

Abbott Research + Consulting
Asking Canadians
Athena Brand Wisdom
Brand Gallery
Black on Black
Daniela Hassman
Frank Online Marketing
Insights West
Paul Long’s Blog
SmartPoint Research
Zinc Research

5 responses

  1. Hi Annie,

    We are Canadian and have a blog @ …we will be really focusing on it going forward and hope people find it helpful.

    By the way, your blog is by far my favorite for research, so easy to read and extremely helpful, so thank you.

    Les Magyar
    Founder, CMO

  2. Hi Annie: I’m an MR Australian living in Canada… Does that count? :)



    1. NO! But I’ll add you to my #MRXblogs list. :)

  3. Wow! Cool blog post. And thanks for including me. But how did you do it???

    1. It’s a social app from feedburner. I really wanted an RSS list of titles in html format but couldn’t find one that didn’t require a plugin. So ta dum! And you’re welcome. :)

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