Research Memes

I have to admit it. The memes from meme generator make me chuckle. What better way to share the joy than to create some in the genre of market research! Feel free to leave links your research memes below and I just might add yours here.

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good guy greg statistics
koala can't significance

scheffe bonferroni multiple comparison meme

bic for her factor analysis

barney challenge accepted chi square

what if i told you data arent insights

preliminary data was significant and its gone meme

chart in excel challenge accepted meme

my face significant number meme

batman statistics meme

what if i told you research methods meme

survey unimpressed queen meme

telemarketing futurama meme

r square success kid meme

sad trooper social media research

delete all the spam

success margin of error

dont always research twitter


low error rate meme willy wonka

success kid short survey meme

technologically impaired duck spss


mr bean marketing

Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts!

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