The Bakery Review: Phipps Bakery Cafe

At 420 Eglinton West lies a busy bakery called Phipps Bakery Cafe. It’s a quaint shop both inside and out, and the door never closes because the customers never stop coming in. They come to buy beautiful cakes and absolutely gorgeous sweet pies. I’ve been a few times and have learned that pretty much everything in the shop is delish. At the rear of the shop is a cafe though I have never ventured that far into the shop to test the cafe side of things.

Among my favourites in the bakery are the butter tarts which come in regular and chocolate crust as well as with pecans and without pecans. If you’re a fan of buttertarts, THESE are what buttertarts should be. Thick tall crust and thick gooey innards that don’t drip all over your hands. It’s a nice big tart that will leave you wanting more. My fave is the regular crust pecan tart. Holy yum.

The cookies are also tasty tasty, particularly the shortbread which need no fancy decorations to be superbly yum. I highly recommend dropping by if you’re in the neighbourhood. Bring an empty stomach!

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