Sorry, Paula Findlay, your apology is not accepted

Growing up, I went to piano lessons for half an hour once a week. Paula Findlay went to running/biking/swimming practice for hours a day, every day.

I eat a whole box of Milk Duds. Paula Findlay thinks that means bad milk.

I complain about a long walk to the store. Paula Findlay gets tired after a 12 hour bike race.

I hurt my finger. Paula Findlay ‘manages’ a labral tear on her hip for a year.

I have a collection of rocks. Paula Findlay has a collection of ribbons, trophies, and world championship medals.

I veg on the couch, staring in the direction of the TV, in my underwear. Paula Findlay competes in the Olympics.

I apologize for eating the last of the Skittles. Paula Findlay apologizes for coming last in her event at the Olympics.

paula findlay proud

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